Welcome to Mon Éclat

Mon Éclat pronounced MON EKLAA is a French term that means My Glow/Shine/Sparkle/Radiance.

This is what this brand is; it is made for you with the most exemplary formulations to unlock the glow you already have.

For Your Glow

All our products are formulated and made in Korea. We focus on providing gentle yet effective products with a unique mix of traditional Korean ingredients which and free of any form of harsh chemicals.
The aim is to help you create a skincare routine that is simple, effective, and adds a unique sensory experience to your day for you to relax your skin and your mind.
Our promise is not your best skin in 10 days, but it is to make skincare a sustainable habit for you that you enjoy every day.


Founder’s story

My skincare journey started in 2018 after I gave birth. Most women may get the gift of glowing skin during pregnancy, but my skin went from bad to worse. If before pregnancy, my skin was a 6 on a scale of 1-10, during pregnancy, it went down to 2. I had a bad case of acne, hyperpigmentation, and skin texture. I started researching skin care products and ingredients to find the ones which were the safest and best for me to use during pregnancy and nursing. I realized two things during this time, one, how complicated the skincare industry is, and two, how amazingly gentle and effective Korean skincare is compared to others. Therefore, after the success of Zay Beauty, I started dipping my toes into creating skincare. I wanted to create sustainable, simple, and gentle yet effective skincare which is not just result-driven but also a happy and calming experience, and that is precisely what Mon Éclat is.